iShorts - New York, New York 0+

various, USA 2010, various, 120 min
iShorts - New York, New York

Skyscrapers? Yellow taxi cabs? Times Square? The city that never sleeps? Oh come on, have you ever been to New York City? iShorts “New York, New York“ movie night with the hot dog on the poster will take you to the real New York – we’re inviting you to a game of basketball in the Bronx, to a burlesque show on the Lower East Side and to a bohemian party in Brooklyn. The iShorts movie night will be as diverse as the urban jungle itself: each film that will be screened will present the city from an angle that you surely don’t know yet. Add directors from the best New York (if not American) film schools who had their short films screened at festivals like Tribeca FF and even won a student Oscar and what you get is THE (short) film event of the month.

The following films will be screened:

Set in the Bronx:
Bedford Park Boulevard (dir. Felix Thompson)
A student of a high school in the Bronx makes a mistake that will define the rest of his life. The film by a New York University’s student was awarded 1st prize at the NYU Film Festival and was chosen to be a part of the short section at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Basket Bronx (dir. Martin Rosete)
Little Alex is dreaming about becoming a basketball star but first he has to face a gang of older boys and learn that life isn’t only about winning as his new friend Kiat teaches him. The film by the New York Film Academy graduate Martin Rosete was awarded at numerous short film festivals, such as Coney Island Film Festival.

Set in Brooklyn:
Housewarming (dir. Yared Zeleke)
At a Brooklyn soirée, apart from meeting drunk Swedish girls and American Casanovas, you will also meet Yudit from Ethiopia who is confronted with an escalating crisis taking place in her unstable homeland. At the NYU Film Festival, the movie was awarded for editing, cinematography and sound.

Set in Manhattan:
Slim and Lena (dir. Mollye Asher)
Slim and Lena is a modern film noir which will take us on the stage and behind the scenes of a burlesque lounge on the Lower East Side. Mollye Asher’s film was awarded for cinematography and art direction at the NYU First Run Festival.

God of Love (dir. Luke Matheny)
The prayers of a lounge singer and darts champion Ray are answered when he receives a box of love-inducing darts. The film by the NYU film program graduate Luke Matheny won pretty much all the awards that are dedicated to short films, including the highest one: the Golden Medal at Student Oscars.

Seconds (dir. Marcin Stawarz)
Alex must find a donor in New York who is willing to sell him his kidney on the black market. Marcin Stawarz’s film is his thesis project at the graduate program at Columbia University.


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