It Rains on Our Love 0+

(Det regnar på vår kärlek), Ingmar Bergman, SWE 1946, Swedish version / Czech and English subtitles, 95 min
It Rains on Our Love

Maggie and David bump into each other at a railway station. He has recently been released from prison. She is carrying an unknown man ´s child. They decide to join forces. They break into a little cottage to spend the night. The owner catches them and initially threatens to call the police, but relents and accepts them as tenants. David gets a job in a nearby market garden. The couple become acquainted with their neighbours. When David is offered the chance to buy the cottage, he takes it. Hard times ensue. Maggie´s baby is born and dies. David is wrongly suspected of theft and dismissed. The local authority decides to appropriate the whole area and an official comes to evict the couple. David loses his temper and knocks the man down, whereupon he is prosecuted for assault and battery. In court, David and Maggie hear their lives summed up and evaluated. The trial develops into a battle between good and evil.

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