It's Spring in Prague Every Year, It's the Prague Spring Every Year / Citizen Václav Havel Goes on Vacation 0+

(Každý rok je v Praze jaro, každý rok je Pražské jaro / Občan Havel jede na dovolenou), Pavel Koutecký / Jan Novák, ČR 2005, Czech version, 148 min
  • Two clarinet players, one Czech and one Israeli, first sing to one another over the phone and then send each other emails with photographs of their concert gowns. Several days prior to performance they meet and discover that each has rehearsed a different version of the musical piece for the performance.
  • The novelist Jan Novák, a Czech emigrant living in Chicago, the author of a number of books and screenplays, and winner of the Magnesia Litera Prize for his documentary novel Zatím dobrý (So Far So Good), produced his own film about Václav Havel’s trip through Czechoslovakia in 1985, during which the future president was followed by the secret police and was arrested twice.

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