IV.block independent films CZ 0+

(IV.blok nezávislé filmy ČR), Štěpán Etrych; Petr Pekař; Martin Doležal & Lukáš Horáček; Jan Vondráček; David Schöbl; Jan Haluza, CZ 2014, Czech version, 100 min
IV.block independent films CZ

Where is Houba?
Slavík, learner driving is separated from license by only final ride. Instructor Topinka calms him, that the commissioner Houba is a good man who can "close eye" and had never let anybody fail. But what will happen if Houba don´t arrives? The film was made in the global festival 48 Hour Film Project 2014, where it won the Audience Award.

The proceeds of the recommendations of the World Health Organization:
Against dangerous infection ICD-10 Burgdorferi is the only protection!

Some woman questions can not be simply answered, unless you had a time machine. But what if the time machine neither is enough?

Reading the water
Cellar. The clock face. Knife. Damp. Shovel. Silence. The deduction. Epic Movie mapping gradual decline of moral values ​​of the society, which, scornful of traditional values ​​and craftsmanship, which is based on the very bottom of the social ladder, prefers slaboduchému consumerism, which, shrouded in a fog of social manipulation, only underscores the absurdity of the modern world.

Jacob, I and siren
Older brother accommodate his younger brother into the house before the uncertain dangers of heaven.

Bed Romance
Maybe even the one beside you is a hero! This action-romantic film is about two people who really love, the true and real way so much that it would put himself and his krk.Láska is that love and its counterpart for his errors!

The Case for Jachym Semis
I am Batman Spiderman ... I ... do not ... Superman. Who am I? I'm writing a thesis about police work. And who is this girl that I have at home ... Why am I here take it? Is accused of murder. So I accomplice? What I fucking do? Are the 30's, and police act according to their rules ... I have to investigate, I cleaned the girl. And myself ... Who am I? I am Joachim Suede. And this is my first case ... Retrodetektivka set in colorful boxes crazy comic screenplay by Andrew Cizek and John twig. Starring Andrew Cizek and Bara Šebestíková.


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