Izo 0+

Takeshi Miike, JAP 2003, Japanese version / German subtitles, 68 min

IZO, a samurai warrior and swordsman so talented that he has earned the terrifying nickname ‚The Slaughterer‘, is put to death. But Izo is consumed by a desire for revenge and his soul can go neither to Heaven or Hell. Instead, he is reincarnated as a contemporary vagrant, a demon in human form, whose thirst for vengeance blood and murder cannot be quenched, not even, it would seem, when the man he plans to slaughter is His Imperial Highness himself. Bizarre film with absurd sword fight scenes. IZO is killing his enemies one after another with weird sort of humor temper.

Takeshi Miike makes wild, impulsive stories, infused with excessive, shocking on-screen violence. Miike shows a cosmopolitan, destabilized Japan that is firmly trapped between tradition and modernity. His output is simply amazing. He shoots four to five films each year, joining a working method derived from experimental cinema with the appeal of the commercial circuit.


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