Jiří Bělohlávek: „I like to conduct so much…“ 12+

(Jiří Bělohlávek: „Když já tak rád diriguju…“), Roman Vávra, CZ 2019, Czech, 106 min

Always be yourself. Even in the most difficult moments. This is the key message of the story of an exceptional artist, former chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonic - Jiří Bělohlávek (1946-2017). The documentary filmmaker Roman Vávra has been following the master's journey for the last two years to authentically capture his determination, sincerity, musical brilliance and refined sense of humor and extraordinary empathy towards his family and close associates. The film is not a classic biography, but rather an intimate reflection of the final stage of life and the work of the legendary conductor, whose legacy future generations of artists will benefit from.

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