Who Wants to Kill Jessie? 0+

(Kdo chce zabít Jessii?), Václav Vorlíček, ČSSR 1966, Czech version, 79 min
Who Wants to Kill Jessie?

The main heroes of this film are a husband and a wife, both university professors who live for their research and don´t hesitate to apply it in their lives. Mr. Beránek discovers the appeal of comic books and starts to dream about their characters. His wife, Mrs. Beránková, invents a machine which turns dreams into reality… Who Wants to Kill Jessie? by Vorlíček and Macourek was the first film in Czech cinematography which introduced the phenomena of comic books on screen. It also introduced the cartoonist Kája Saudek who created the subtitles, the poster and a number of pages from a fictitious comic book about the quest for anti-gravitational gloves…

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