Who Killed Johannes Kerkorrel? 0+

Deon Maas, BEL-JAR 2005, original version / English & Czech subtitles, 48 min

In the 1980s, the Afrikaners of South Africa were seen as a sort of homogenous tribe that kept the apartheid state in power. All of that changed with the advent of the first organized Afrikaans protest movement, which used music as a weapon to openly confront the state. Its leader was singer Johannes Kerkorrel. In the 1990s, he moved away from protest songs and experimented with African and dance elements, alienating many. He became more of an ironist, his personal life a mess of drugs, promiscuity and depression. Success in Europe helped reinvigorate his career, but on the verge of a comeback, he ended his own life under mysterious circumstances. A critical look at a uniquely South African phenomenon, placed in the context of the times.


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