Kieslowski | Album Release Concert 0+

(Kieslowski | Křest alba Na nože), Kieslowski, CZ 2012, Czech version, 90 min

Songs about love and killing feature on the new album \"Na Nože\" (Knife Battle) by acoustic duo Kieslowski. Though the pair have been working on the project together for only two years, they have managed to achieve quite a lot (two albums, remixies, gigs). Delicate original songs. written by DKP and Marie Kieslowski, make you feel like you are caught in a rip. Quietly, without noise, you are taken. And before you realise it, there is no way back. Fresh, melodic songs with characteristic vocals hold the listener, stories of life, love and death. The album is available in four versions - digital, CD, vinyl and a limited 2CD edition.


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