The Salesman 0+

(Forushande), Asghar Farhadi, IR / F 2016, Persian version / Czech, English subtitles, 125 min

Forced to move from their collapsing building into a new flat and unaware of the fact that their new home was previously inhabited by a woman of ill reputation, a young couple are lead to a dreadful event that shatters their marriage wholly. A galvanizing, suspenseful and clear-eyed naturalistic piece by the hailed director of A Separation, The Salesman hinges masterfully on the gathering storms of its characters’ hearts and minds. 

Born in 1972, Asghar Farhadi is the most acclaimed living director of the Iranian cinema and his filmography includes the internationally hailed masterpieces such as About Elly or A Separation. The Salesman is his latest film which received the best screenplay and the best actor award in Cannes IFF 2016 and has been garnering critical acclaim in many prestigious film festivals around the world ever since.

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