The End of the Neubacher Project 0+

Marcus J. Carney, RAK - NIZ 2006, original version / Czech sub-subtitles, 74 min

Marcus J. Carney sets out on an eight-year journey to find both his own past and that of his mother, who comes from an Austrian Nazi family. The young director studies his forebears and their thoughts in a wide variety of life situations - from a midday siesta to a person's dying moments. The film is a collage of unique testimonies from the descendants of a Nazi criminal. It offers harrowing evidence of the constant apologies offered for their own negative mindsets. During his mother's dying moments, the director begins to view with greater understanding how she turned a blind eye to the actions of her family members, which contributed to a tragedy that affected the whole of Europe. Nevertheless, even at this moment, he definitely doesn't lose his sound judgement. While watching this thought-provoking film, one has to appreciate the courage of a person who uses the example of his family members to chart the universal syndrome that sees people conceal mistakes and lies. At the same time, by linking the private and public spheres, it offers proof of how the behaviour of individuals has an influence on the powerful cycle of history.


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