King of Comics 0+

(König des Comics), Rosa von Praunheim, D 2012, German version / English and Czech subtitles, 80 min

World-renowned comic book creator, Ralf König has a visual style and smart humour that shakes the foundations of both gay and queer cultural clichés and has enthralled the general public regardless of sexual orientation. Queer film legend Rosa von Praunheim, who was in attendance at Mezipatra four years ago coinciding with his retrospective, presents in this film a credible human being with modest manners and an immense talent for observation. From the constantly sketching teenager, who is going through his coming out in the not-exactly-gay-friendly setting somewhere in Westphalia; through the gay activist and wild 1970s dandy in a pulsating Berlin; to the Ralf König of today – a humble artist presenting his work at public readings at sold-out venues. With the last part ot the film the comic artform itself takes lead, demonstarting its value as a useful political,while still entertaining instrument of contesting social conventions, whose absurdity speaks to a wide array of audiences.

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