The Circle 0+

Margit Lillak, EST 2019, original version with Czech subtitles, 94 min
The Circle

To change the world, one needs to start within. After coming together for 2 years in 2014, a group of 12 grownups with their 6 kids elope on an adventure to start the very first conscious eco-community in Estonia. They scrap together their savings and buy an old manor lot with 33 hectars of agricultural land and 3750 square meters of half-derelict houses. Their experiment was inspired by the growing movement of global eco-villages. They step out of society as we know it, deconstructing the basic pillars of life, from nuclear family, to education, to relationships and consumption. Their gol is to build non-violent co-operative relations among themselves, harmonious relations, and sustainable life style with a small footprint. The film follows the dramatic events in the community for 5 years, from their blissful idealistic beginnings in 2014 until their dramatic collapse in 2019.


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