Ku'damm 59 12+

D 2018, German with English and Czech subtitles, 1 x 91 min, 91 min

Three adult daughters who grew up under the strict hand of a domineering mother go their separate ways to find their own identities at a time when Berlin was divided by a wall and the world was dancing to rock’n’roll.

The often employed concept of a retro TV show in which family melodrama provides an opportunity to revisit the Cold War period, receives a new treatment in this hit German TV series thanks to the fact that the focus is not on nostalgia induced by faithfully reproduced props, but rather on women’s stories. Seen from the perspective of three sisters and their domineering mother living in the divided Berlin in late 1950’s and set during the heyday of rock’n’roll, the series shows the different careers, positions and fates available to women in the society at the time. The first miniseries, called Ku'damm 56, received wide international recognition, including an Emmy nomination for one of the lead actresses. In the new instalment, writer Annette Hess focuses even more on the subject of the different social ranks and opportunities of men and women that still resonates in today’s society.

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