Lab – Experiment and New Ways | 2012 0+

(Labo – experiment a nové směry | 2012), various, 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 90 min
Lab – Experiment and New Ways | 2012

As the name of the section referring to experiment and testing hints, the program presents films created with the use of new technologies or unusual processes and only rarely relaying on traditional storytelling. The eight films screened this year try to wreck the traditional film forms and offer a very different movie experience.

Nicolas Provost, B, 2010

An unusual crime story with real Hollywood stars unfolds in Las Vegas. The film investigates the boundaries of fiction and reality by capturing everyday life with a hidden camera and turning this reality into spectacular fiction using Hollywood narrative tricks.

Diane Wellington
Arnaud des Pallières, F, 2010

Diane Wellington disappeared in South Dakota in 1938 at the age of 15. She has just been found.

No Sleep Won't Kill You
Marko Meštrovic, HR, 2010

What happens when the dream takes control over reality?

At the Formal
Andrew Kavanagh, AUS, 2010

Modern and ancient rituals collide in this macabre depiction of a high school formal. Behind the veil of civil ideals, have we really changed that much?

Stuck in a Groove
Clemens Kogler, A, 2011

A film which is produced with a unique self-developed technique called “phonovideo”, which allows to create films in an analog way using a setup to display and mix animations, in a process similar to DJs mixing their music with record players. All animation is created by putting special discs on turntables by hand and operating a videomixer.

Lady Crush
Hanna Sköld, S, 2011

Three lonely people who want to go somewhere else. An absurd, associative tale about love, role-playing and the longing to be seen.

The External World
David O'Reilly, IRL - D, 2010

A film about a boy learning to play the piano and to express himself in new ways. A seriously dark but occasionally funny meditation on the anxieties and fears entrenched in modern life.

We Want War
Daniel Askill, GB, 2009

A seven-minute music video for British group These New Puritans made by Daniel Askill, author of the legendary We Have Decided Not to Die.


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