Labyrinth 0+

(Labyrint ), Tomáš Houška, CZ 2011, Czech version , 90 min

For those who are not afraid to enter the underground labyrinth. A horror story about four friends who find the entranceway to a network of medieval tunnels beneath Prague. After journalist Renata’s colleage disappears in the cellar of her building one night and her Argintinean roomate starts having strange dreams, wierd things start to happen in the building. When the two girls and their neighbor Honza and friend David find the entrance to an underground labyrinth in the cellar and decide to enter it in search of the missing girl, we soon realize that they will have to fight for their lives. And that they just might not be able to rely on each other. It seems that the labyrinth may be playing its own game... Although the audience gradually gains the impression that the usual ghost story clichés are being repeated in the film, the Dahlesque plot will prove otherwise.

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