Summertime 0+

(La Belle Saison), Catherine Corsini, F 2015, French version / Czech subtitles, 105 min

A sudden flaring of passion between two women amidst the prudish societal norms of 1970s France.

Delphine is from a small village where she lives on her parents’ farm, drives a tractor and works in the fields. Carol is a Spanish teacher in Paris, an intellectual and a passionate warrior for women’s rights. By pure coincidence, these two very different women are brought together. Suddenly, Delphine finds herself not only as a member of Caroline’s activist cell, but also as her lover. The priggish morality of their surroundings, however, forces them to hide their feelings and content themselves with secret rendezvous. The situation escalates when Delphine has to return to the farm...Will the two women stay together despite societal pressures?

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