Land of Desire / Ship to India 0+

(Skepp till India land), Ingmar Bergman, SWE 1947, Swedish version / Czech and English subtitles, 100 min
Land of Desire / Ship to India

Johannes Blom comes home after seven years at sea. He meets Sally, a woman past her prime. Johannes seeks solitude, and reminisces. His father, Alexander, is the skipper of a salvage boat and lives on it with his wife, Johannes and a crew of three. Alexander picks up Sally, a music-hall artist, and takes her to live on the boat and “help with the cooking. Alexander refuses to let Johannes undergo seaman´s training. Johannes gets drunk and makes a provocative pass at Sally, but she rejects him. The next day, Sally and Johannes meet in private. Shel tells him she is not in love with Alexander. All she wants is to trap a man of means who can give her an agreable life. Were she to fall in love with anyone, it would be Johannes. Back on the boat, father and son start fighting. Sally tells Alexander she plans to leave him. After an unsuccessful attempt on his son´s life, Alexander flees from the police. When all seems lost, he throws himself out of a window. Johannes visits Sally in her dressingroom at the music-hall and confesses his love.

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