Lost Home | JS 0+

(Stratený domov), Juraj Mravec, SK 2019, 75 min

Young Slovak director Juraj Mravec witnessed the war in Iraq in close proximity to suffering and death. This experience became the basis for his film about war and male friendship.

Two Yezidi survivors of the Mount Sinjar genocide on the Iraqi-Syrian border. Two Slovak medics who save lives alongside the Iraqi army during the battle for Mosul. The first two long to leave for the safety of Europe, while the other two have left the safety of their European homes and voluntarily became involved in the war with Islamic State. The despair of Matej and Oliver when they fail to save a wounded child. The medical treatment provided to Islamists – warriors who cause the deaths of innocent people. The film is full of many such contrasts. The director shot the film himself, which made it possible to capture on camera many situations which a large film crew would never meet.

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