LoveMEATender 0+

Manu Comean, B 2010, French version / Czech and English subtitles, 52 min

Meat production increases every year, but many people still have no idea what's on their plate or what it has taken to get it there. "We eat meat, but killing animals doesn't really happen," says philosopher Florence Burgat. She is one of the many experts who have their say in director Manu Coeman's fierce indictment of the industrialized meat industry. LoveMEATender is packed with facts and figures, particularly in the first half, presented through clear comparisons and playful animation. The objective is to demonstrate the consequences of our excessive meat consumption: for the animals, for the earth, but also for our own bodies. Even people with very tough skin will have a hard time stomaching some of Coeman's shots: chicks that are chucked down a funnel with a thud, floundering cows at a slaughterhouse, geese having food violently forced down their throats. Yet at the same time, LoveMEATender isn't a pessimistic film. Coeman's approach is hopeful, and he also shows us how things could be done differently. It’s not necessary to stop eating meat all together. Consumers can limit the amount of meat they eat or opt for meat from producers that are respectful to the animals and environment alike.

The film will be followed by a discussion with an expert on the given subject.


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