Lucia di Lammermoor | Gaetano Donizetti 0+

(Lucia di Lammermoor), Mary Zimmerman, USA 2009, Italian version / Czech and English subtitles, 214 min
Lucia di Lammermoor | Gaetano Donizetti

The character of Lucia has become an icon in opera and beyond, an archetype of the constrained woman asserting herself in society. She reappears as a touchstone for such diverse later characters as Flaubert’s adulterous Madame Bovary and the repressed Englishmen in the novels of E. M. Forster. The insanity that overtakes and destroys Lucia has especially captured the public imagination. Madness as explored in this opera is not merely something that happens as a plot function: it is at once a personal tragedy, a political statement, and a healing ritual.


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