Matthias & Maxime | Mezipatra Festival Opening 0+

(Matthias et Maxime), Xavier Dolan, CDN 2019, French / Czech and English subtitles, 119 min
Matthias & Maxime | Mezipatra Festival Opening

Matthias and Maxime have been inseparable friends since childhood. Yet when they are asked to kiss in front of the camera during a student film shoot, everything suddenly changes. Their seemingly unbreakable bond is shaken by doubt – what is the true nature of their mutual feelings? The years go by, their paths diverge, but as their thirties approach, they must both make a decision that will dramatically affect their future. In his eighth film, Xavier Dolan again focuses on the issues of friendship, family relationships and being in love, offering an intimate portrait of two slightly lost men, one of whom tries to deny his nature while the other wants to live in an authentic way. Just like the moved audience at this year's Cannes festival, this film will convince you that Dolan is the only one who can capture his generation's hopes and fears with quirky sincerity.

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