Mgr. Radovan Kaluža 0+

Adam Sedlák, ČR 2011, Czech version, 60 min

„I feel like a winner when walking into a bar or a boutique and others adore a woman and worship the man who escorts her. They have a reason to honour, They worship me-Radovan.“ These are the words of a famous internet celebrity, blogger and founder of the company Radovan Kaluža. He claims, that his IQ reaches 160. He calls himself an intelectual, and the others as envious trailer trash, since they begrudge his millionaire manners. He shows off when hooking up with 16 year old girl at the Stodolní street. He stylizes himself as a metrosexual. He seriously considers himself a genius. What is his real face? An hour long dokument Mgr. Radovan Kaluža made by the students of film schools in Písek FAMO and SVOŠF.


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