Modelar | English Subtitles 12+

(Modelář | s anglickými titulky), Petr Zelenka, CZ 2020, Czech / English Subtitles, 109 min

The story of two friends who run a prosperous drone rental is set in contemporary Prague. The owner, nicknamed Plech (Jiri Madl), a rapper in his free time, dreams of big money and unwavering security. A chemist and excellent air navigator Pavel (Kryštof Hádek), who has just returned from abroad, dreams of justice and personal engagement in rectifying the world. For former high school classmates, drones are a pass to many areas of human action that they would not otherwise have looked at. Their clients include the presidential candidate as well as artists performing happenings. The drones in the film monitor power stations, wear luxury handbags for modelsin fashion shows or spray the Petrin Tower from the air. However, when one of the heroes decides to use the drone for something completely different, the situation in the company becomes complicated.

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