God’s Own Country 0+

Francis Lee, GB 2017, English version / Czech subtitles, 104 min

The vastness of the pastures is interrupted only by a few farms and a town hidden in a valley. Barely anybody lives here in Yorkshire, apart from the sheep farmers and their families. Work without chattering is required, and whoever could has left. This is not the case of Johnny, however, who lives with his sick father and grandmother. He has accepted his fate, no matter how little he likes it. He drinks too much beer, waking up by the toilet bowl every morning. He tries to deaden his feelings to others, and the occasional sex with some local lad can definitely not lead to a relationship. But there's more work on the farm in spring, so help is found in Gheorgh, a Romanian immigrant who still has not lost either joy from work or the desire to love. Will Johnny find it as well? The award-winning hit from Sundance is rightfully labelled as one of this year's most important film revelations.

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