Nahid 0+

Ida Panahadeh, IR 2016, Persian version / Czech, English subtitles, 105 min

A poignant and absorbing story of a divorced woman who tries hard to stand on her feet and turn over a new leaf, Nahid follows the never ending struggles of a social outcast with few rights and even fewer options. As she stands at a life-changing crossroad of her life with a new man, her escalating fights with her gambling-addicted self-destructive former husband over the custody of their son reach a breaking point. 

Born in 1979, Ida Panahandeh holds an MFA in Film Directing, and a BFA in Film Photography. She is regarded as one of the strongest female voices of the emerging generation of the Iranian cinema with a style that invites comparison to figures such as Asghar Farhadi. Her debut feature, Nahid, premiered in Cannes IFF and nailed her status on the map of world cinema.

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