Nature School film evening 0+

(Filmový večer Přírodní školy), various, CZ 2013, Czech version, 90 min
Nature School film evening

Students of the Nature School - a secondary school i Prague are going to present their new films in premiere. You can look forward to a music clip about love, infidelity and death or a short film “Five Third Graders’ Club” based on a short story written by a fourteen-year old boy at the Terezin ghetto during the second world war.


Five Third Graders’ Club

The story was written by a gifted boy named Pavel Lion in the spring of 1944 in the Terezin ghetto. It tells us an adventurous story of Prague boys.


The Touch

A short student film depicting feelings of a young person who decides to leave society and travels to a peaceful place. But as the time passes it gets more and more difficult to distinguish dreams from reality.


Never Turn Around

An absurd film about betrayal and vengeance of an unexpected being.


Ginevra - The story

A Wedding Shirt, Raise Your Glass and The Bell are songs written and performed by the folk-historic music band Ginevra. Combination of these songs a short "The Story" comes to existence. It is about love, infidelity and death. All because of a merciless war, where all men fit for fight are needed.



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