Ne me quitte pas 0+

Niels van Koevorden, Sabine Lubbe Bakker, B / NL 2013, Dutch version / Czech subtitles, 106 min
Ne me quitte pas

The film tells the story of two friends who want to disappear from life. While their country Belgium is falling apart, two lost souls cling to each other.

Marcel and Bob are sitting at a small table in a stone house in the middle of a Belgian forest. Wood crackles in the stove, the wind blows through the trees and the two faithful friends drown their sorrows in wine and rum. Both are long-time alcoholics whose families have left them, and together they plan to commit suicide. A tragicomic story about the life of two losers whose mutual friendship gives them strength while at the same time pulls them down. Will at least one of them break out of the vicious circle?

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