Negative History of Hungarian Cinema 0+

(Negatív Magyar Filmtörténet), Gyula Nemes, H 2010, Hungarian version / English subtitles, 47 min
Negative History of Hungarian Cinema

1 forgetting 2 film frame 3 film on ice 4 an alternate film history 5 images remained in filmmaker's head 6 lost opportunities, fragments of lives, ambitions 7 archives: emotions and desires blanketed in dust 8 films that were never meant to be edited 9 looking for a long-ago time through film - in vain 10 monochrome black-and-white film still manages to enchant us, but how?

An alternative history of Hungarian film helps us to remember "the good old days" of permanently postponed films; a cinematic nostalgia brought to life by people and places.

The screening is in partnership with the International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava.


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