Class Enemy 0+

(Razredni sovraznik), Rok Biček, SLO 2013, Slovenian version / Czech subtitles, 112 min

Robert, the new German teacher, is aloof, authorative and demanding. He lectures on Thomas Mann and expects his pupils to rise when he enters the room. He might even be a Nazi, the dismayed teenagers speculate. When his student Sabina takes her own life shortly after being reprimanded by Robert, the teacher is considered to be cause. Instantly, vengeful youth rebellion stirs among the benches. In tones of chilly blue, Rok Bicek captures the fierce power struggle between teacher and students in a nuanced and genuinely thought-provoking way. Many films of recent years have been set in classrooms, but few have been as intense, well played and succinct as Bicek's directorial debut.

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