New Age of Childbirth – Lecture 0+

(Nová doba porodní – přednáška ), 120 min
New Age of Childbirth – Lecture

Lecture about natural childbirth.

Vlastimil Marek - musician, music publicist, music therapist, independent journalist, Zen Buddhist, lecturer, writer and spiritual teacher who have helped many women and children, highly visible figure in the movement of novadays natural childbirth. He is an author of the revolutionary book "Nová doba porodní" - natural childbirth as the way without violence (2002). He tirelessly publishes essays on his blog and various websites. He prepares lectures throughout the Czech Republic and organizes seminars. At the same time he is the only one who deals with the question of spirituality, which is closely related to natural childbirth. In an original way he connects the world of music and its affecting of people as an option of therapy or prevention.


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