Nick Cave: One More Time With Feeling 18+

Andrew Dominik, GB 2016, English version / Czech subtitles, 112 min

Film of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds performing songs from their new album. The record has an intimacy and starkness that the film’s photographic style will reflect. It will be shot in black and white, colour and 3-D. The idea is to create an experience that is immersive but also elegant, that feels both immediate and archival. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ new album was released in September 2016. The project marks Cave's return to cinema screens following Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard's unique 2014 docudrama 20,000 Days On Earth. Fusing elements of fact and fiction. 20,000 Days on Earth was widely praised by critics, with Time Out awarding it five stars, proclaiming the work as “Incredible. So Inventive and inspiring. It's thrilling to behold." 20,000 Days On Earth went on to gross over $4,000,000 globally.

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