Night Before Finals 0+

(Notte prima degli esami), Fausto Brizzi, ITÁ 2005, Italian version / English subtitles ú translated to Czech, 100 min

Rome in the 1980’s. A group of friends is supposed to be studying for the finals. Instead they manage to get caught up in a series of strange and incredible misadventures. It all starts with Luca, who suddenly feels overwhelmed by a moment of true courage, and tells the Italian teacher, Prof. Martinelli, what he thinks of him. The very next moment he finds out that professor Martinelli will be the on the exam board. Adding insult to injury, Luca falls in love with Claudia, who is dating a guy with 40 pounds of muscles more then Luca. And he still doesn’t know the most crucial fact: Claudia is a daughter of the hated professor Martinelli. Events culminate the night before the finals.


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