Night Owls 0+

(Děti noci), Michaela Pavlátová, CZ 2008, Czech version, 80 min

The bridge between childhood and adulthood is usually crossed in haste, but Ofka (Marta Issová) keeps standing in the middle. Instead of studies she works in her brother’s-in-law non-stop shop, occasionally she has a beer or two, the nights she spends wandering around with the strange Ubr (Jiří Mádl), who is desperately in love with her, trying to avoid meeting Mira, who stopped loving her. For her, Karlín is everything, the space of her childhood that she will have to leave once she steps out into adulthood. But how and with whom? This atmospheric film won prizes at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for the male and female leads.

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