Nina 0+

Olga Chajdas, PL 2018, Polish version / Czech and English subtitles, 130 min

French teacher Nina can’t have children, and it seems that the only way to save her withering marriage to Wojtek is to find a surrogate to bear them a baby. Getting to know the independent and beautiful Magda might just help them toward their goal. Doubts, however, begin to nag at Nina about taking such a major step. Moreover, the young woman evokes in her feelings she never imagined existed. Is it even possible to abandon a life in which you might not be happy, but provides the stability that you have gradually built? Like Tomasz Wasilewski, Olga Chajdas is another filmmaker who gives audiences an opportunity to understand what queer identity means in a Polish context, and, like him, she does not merely target the LGBTQ+ community. Her sensual debut is primarily a poetic display of emotions reflecting the various forms and expressions of love.

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