No Dress Code Required & The Nettle 0+

(Etiqueta No Rigurosa), Cristina Herrera Borquez, MEX 2016, Spanish version /Czech subtitles, 114 min

A Mexican male couple decides to get married. It wouldn't be a problem in some parts of their country, it being a federation. But what if the pair wants to get married at home, where it is a problem? Then there´s no other option than to fight against the authorities and all those who reject their union. And thus starts a lengthy and intense fight, cemented by conviction, love for each other, and love for the
place where they live. On their journey, the men face common as well as rather bizarre obstacles, overcoming them with the help of their close ones. Cristina Herrera Borquez´s documentary speaks about the struggle for equal rights in her home country, about principles, and about love, which ignores limits like gender and law. As the struggle for same-sex marriage legalization continues in the Czech Republic, this film provides encouragement and supports the journey towards equality.

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