No Entry No Exit 0+

(Auf Teufel komm raus), M. Klein - J. Kreuzer, D 2010, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 82 min
No Entry No Exit

Karl D. expects trouble when, after 15 years behind bars, he sets out for Heisenberg, the small Bavarian town where his brother Helmut lives. His fears are borne out: Dozens of locals are waiting in front of Helmut’s home, carrying signs calling for his immediate departure. Karl has been convicted on compelling evidence of the brutal rape of two young hitchhikers, and court psychologists can’t say with certainty whether he’s likely to offend again. The locals, afraid for their children’s safety, continue to protest, making life difficult for Helmut’s family. Helmut, convinced of Karl’s innocence, is determined to protect and defend his brother. Through interviews with all parties, this disturbing documentary captures the tense situation on both sides of the “barricade” and small-town mob hysteria, indirectly raising questions about the limits of tolerance.


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