No Man Is an Island 0+

Tim De Keersmaecker, B 2015, Original version, Czech subtitles, 72 min

Adam and Omar are young boys thrust by fate on the shores of the Italian island of Lampedusa. A lifebelt was thrown to them by two Italian families, who have been caring for them for several years. Omar from Tunisia works at a centre for refugees and Adam from Ghana cleans a family hotel. Every day each tries to put dista*nce between them and the lives they left behind, to which they never intend to return. But finding a place in a new environment, which for many migrants is only a stop on the way to the continent, is harder than they imagined. They know that their journey will not end on this island. They must find the courage within themselves to start all over again elsewhere. The film, rich in visual metaphors is a moving and personal parable about people building a new home.

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