No Name 0+

(Bez názvu), Radek Tůma, ČR 2005, 62 min

A joint session of the upper and lower chambers of Parliament jumps quickly about, and soon the composite inflorescence snaps, the lumps of wood speak and water and grass are close to our own bodies. It seems that a vision of reality can be freely associated, as restlessness is the energy of this film, from which images appear suddenly and swiftly intending to occupy every aspect of modern life and in the end subsume themselves. The director views civilisation, nature, and man in constant flux, in the atomic unity of the human instant and the eternal elements, in the unity of change and duration. He attempts to capture the wonder evoked by nature through the dynamics of poetic images of instinctive metaphor, in which the conscious and subconscious and the world of impressions and visions intersect. The liberating process of creation culminates in the cascades of associative links, where the director dissects the whole into its basic forms and by every means tries to comprehend the internal essence of things, phenomena, and senses. The constant flux in the film also includes the impression of its incompletion, or more exactly of it being unconcluded. The author speaks about a concert version of the film - next time the film can be played completely differently.

Petr Kubica


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