Non - Parent 0+

(Nerodič), Jana Počtová, CZ 2017, Czech version / English subtitles, 83 min

The stories of the film's protagonists show the wide range of options available to (non)parents in the 21st century – from a single woman with adopted twins to a couple who do not want children at all.

"As a little girl, I dreamed of one day having a big family," says Czech documentary filmmaker Jana Počtová, who has already drawn attention to herself with the film Generation Singles. "Instead, I am getting older and gradually shedding my illusions. And around me I can see that I am definitely not alone." In her new film she is chiefly concerned with finding an answer to the question of whether or not to have children. And under what conditions is it right to bring them up? This mosaic of non-traditional forms of (non)parenthood suggests that raising children is no longer confined to biological parents and does not need to be divided into traditional mother and father roles.

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