Normal Festival 2008 Closing Night: premiere of the film About Sex... 0+

(Závěrečný večer Normálního festivalu 2008: Premiéra filmu o sexu...), Bára Dlouhá, CZ 2008, Czech version / simultaneou translation to English, 13 min

Petr and Eva are quite an ordinary couple, but they are occupied by some concerns rather extraordinary for their age. Why is no one willing to undestand that they have the right for privacy and that they are not little children anymore? Let us explain it all from the beginning: a man and a woman, love, sex, children... or not, that has to be thouroughly considered. A short animated film About Sex... takes those, who are often considered to be children despite their real age and therefore do not have sufficient information or education, through the pitfalls of sexuality and intimate relationships. And as for the others, a little revision can do you no harm.

Martin Zbrožek: An Ordinary Afternoon a theatrical performance and improvisations


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