Norsemen 0+

(Vikingane), Jon Iver Helgaker, Jonas Torgersen, N 2016, Norwegian, English / Czech subtitles, 60 min

The screening is part of Serial Killer event, a festival competition of Central and Eastern Europe series. Individual tickets and accreditation for the whole festival can be found HERE.

Tickets cannot be purchased at the cinema box office. You can buy them at the festival accreditation center located on the lower ground floor at the entrance to Scala cinema hall.

As the name suggests, this is a story from Scandinavia during the reign of the Vikings. But do not expect a copy of the famous series Vikings, on the contrary, Norsemen parody the original series wittily and casually. The main plot takes place in a small Scandinavian village, where, however, very few things work as they should in the Middle Ages. The creators use modern facts and social clichés that they have set in the environment of a traditional Viking settlement. Against the background of precise period scenery and war looting you will get debates about human rights, poetry or dealing with relationship complications. The fans compare the humor of this crazy gem with the work of Monthy Python or Blackadder. The Norwegians themselves love the Norsemen.

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