North Korea, A Day in the Life 0+

(Noord Korea, een dag uit het leven), Pieter Fleury, NIZ 2004, original version / Czech subtitles, 48 min

In the documentary North Korea, A Day in the Life, the labourer Hong Sun Hui appears with her family. She works in a clothing factory. The viewer follows her and her loved ones during an ordinary day in the land of their "beloved leader". The people here meekly tolerate incessantly aggressive propaganda and calmly go about fulfilling their obligations. Hong's daughter learns in school that "flowers need the sun to grow and she needs the love of the great leader". The education system with its ideological intentions and omnipresent control appears frightening and absurd. Nevertheless, it is possible to escape from this cruel reality – English lessons for Hong's brother are a spark of hope. But even for him, the word internet is just some shibboleth in a dictionary of foreign words whose meaning he can only vaguely guess.


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