Notes from travels (road movie in Czech experimental film) 0+

(Zápisky z cest (experimentální road-movies)), A. Růžičková - M.Ježek - V. Pancíř, CZ 1998, Czech version, 60 min
Notes from travels (road movie in Czech experimental film)

Positive negative by Alice Růžičková is a personal impression of a long journey to Danish Copenhagen on black and white film material. The film is series of visual observations, micro stories and hastily recorded images which appear with the same speed in film as they move alongside the road. Two new films of Martin Ježek Kontralicht and The Winter War were made during a train ride. Ježek as one of the most radical creators of structural document determines the theme, shooting conditions and editing beforehand to make the film-brut regardless of its current form afterwards. Mare Mare by Vít Pancíř was made during a trip to sea as a poetic variation of “urlaubfilms” or holiday postcard shots. Pancíř, using his typical light and elusive style, is creating strange world of slowly moving time, layered atmosphere, moods and colorfull impressions circling around various forms of sea water level.


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