Panorama 0+

Various, Various 0000, Various, 89 min

Quite certainly one cannot apply the direct proportion to the degree of attractiveness and the number of awards that particular film has received. However, our glance at the panorama of films and filmmakers awarded at film festivals provides an opportunity to encounter contemporary production and investigate the taste of the festival world. In case of short films, it also presents a chance to get acquainted with filmmakers, who may soon influence the face of cinematography. This year, Panorama presents British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award winner and films awarded at Cannes, Berlin, Venice and New York.

First Snow (Primera Nieve)
Sniffer (Sniffer)
The Shovel (The Shovel)
Antonio´s Breakfast (Antonio´s Breakfast)
How Do You Break Going Downhill? (Comment on freine dans une descente?)
Never Like the First Time! (Aldrig som första gången!)


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