Totally Talking 0+

(Tomáš Pavlíček), Tomáš Pavlíček, CZ 2014, czech version, 67 min

This soulful romantic comedy tells a story of Stepan (25), who survives his stagnant life without any actual effort to change it. After his third attempt to graduate from university shamefully fails, and Stepan is dumped by his girlfriend, he takes shelter in his hometown, where he lingers on due to a job in local call-center, he sleeps and eats a lot and his only friend happens to be an ugly dog. But everything is to change when Stepan picks up a call in his office and hears the mysterious voice of Marie (26). Our film is a story - a generational testimony about searching for meaning of anything in this world and the importance of the ablity to make our own decisions.


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