Friday or Another Day 0+

(Vendredi ou un autre jour), Yvan Le Moine, B - SK - F - I 2005, French version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 102 min
Friday or Another Day

The film tells the story of a famous French actor, a member of Comédie Francaise, who in 1877, together with an artistic ensemble leaves Marseille to promote his repertoire in the New World. However, the ship sinks near an uninhabited island and he is the only survivor. While patiently and gradually mastering the island, he undergoes many changes. The unhappy and hopeless man drowning in the dirt soon turns into a proud master who begins to govern the island as a sophisticated, tenacious and ruling colonizer. But one day he unexpectedly meets a young mestizo who violates the meaning of his existence and teaches him life in the wilderness.

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