Patti Smith: Dream of Life 0+

Steven Sebring, USA 2008, English version / Czech subtitles, 109 min

This portrait of Patti Smith, the legendary musician, artist and poet known as the godmother of punk, was eleven years in the making. Smith emerged in the 1970s, galvanizing the music scene with her unique style: poetic rage, music, and her trademark swagger. We experience this multi-talented, charismatic and extremely private artist through spoken words, performances, lyrics, interviews, and also her paintings and photographs. Patti Smith, who narrates the film, defines the human experience as an overwhelming contradiction. She wrestles with the many paradoxes of human nature, while pulling out all the rock ’n’ roll, rawness and grit she is known for. Director Sebring says: “No person is just one thing. I know I am not just a fashion photographer. And Patti Smith is certainly not just a rock icon. For me, this movie is about discovering who Patti Smith is.”

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