PechaKucha Global Day for Haiti 0+

various, CZ 2010, Czech, 120 min

In a matter of seconds, thousands of lives and dreams were destroyed in Haiti.
In response, the global PechaKucha family is coming together with Architecture for Humanity to lend a hand in rebuilding Haiti.

On Feb. 20, the 277 cities that host PechaKucha events worldwide will converge to present one continuous 24-hour edition of PechaKucha Night. Kicking off at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, where PechaKucha Night was first conceived, the presentation wave will travel eastward, with cities presenting one after the other. Crossing all times zones and cultures, the event will be streamed live online and then finish in Tokyo the following day.

PechaKucha Night Prague is going to join PechaKucha Global Day for Haiti on a special evening, starting from 8.20 pm in BIO|OKO.
Entrance fee is optional (recommended amount is 200 Kč).
Tickets are only available on the day and at the venue of the event from 7 pm.

PechaKucha Night – devised and shared by Klein Dytham architecture


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