Photolab 0+

0000, 80 min

Photolab – a band around vocalist Magdalena Šalamonová and guitarist a.m.almela is, after more than four years of its existence, releasing fans highly anticipated debut album – hollywood and snuff. A tour is associated with the release and it will culminate with a concert at Bio Oko. In addition to presenting the new album, the tour also aims to support a partner organisation – Cesta domů.

photolab’s music sways listener on a wave of melancholy, while a few moments later, it makes him step backwards under a flood of a straightforward energy. There’s an obvious inspiration by film music in photolab’s tunes. Unconventionally, the band brings this inspiration also on the concert stages . Therefore Bio Oko has been chosen for a prague’s concert as a perfect match, which gives a photolab’s live show shine the brightest by its stylish setting.

This film inspiration also reflects into a visual conception of photolab’s concerts. Its part is an original wide-screen video projection tailored to each of the songs. This gives concerts a visual dimension and attacks another sense of the listener.


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